Sunday, February 12, 2012

He Came, He Saw, They Asked

Friday was something of a rough day, following a particularly rough week. Not getting into it, but it's the starting point for my story.

I was checking facebook on my phone during my 12 minutes of freedom lunch break, and I noticed one of Hubs' co-interns had posted about some sort of surprise day off. I texted Hubs to ask whether he too had a day off, but he did not respond. I found out later from another intern wife/teacher that all the interns were apparently partying because Duke had given them the annual "Interns Day Off". (We commiserated about the lack of "teachers day off," although I suppose you could argue that would be "summer.")

Anyway, I was a little annoyed that, knowing what a bad morning I had had, Hubs couldn't even be bothered to take a break from his much-needed fun to text me back. I'm complaining about this during recess to my teammates, when what do I see?

Yup. Hubs coming up from the parking lot, flowers in hand, to visit me at school.

That's right. I suck as a wife.

Anyway, my class was pretty excited to meet him, so instead of our usual post-recess read aloud time, we had "Q&A with Dr. Hubs." Often as a teacher, you are so used to kids saying and asking ridiculous things that you don't even notice it anymore. Hubs, however, was greatly amused by what they had to ask:

-What is your favorite color? (Why do all kids want to know about favorite colors?)
-What kind of doctor are you?
-What year did you marry Mrs. Davis?
-Are you from New Orleans too? (Can you tell we've been discussing Mardi Gras extensively as part of my homesickness social studies curriculum?)
-Have you ever seen anybody die right in front of you?
-We thought you'd be taller. (Sweetie, that's a comment, not a question...)

And finally...
-Do you and Mrs. Davis need some privacy time in the hallway before you leave?