Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Agenda

It took us 45 minutes to go over and write down our homework today.

Here was the aforementioned homework:
-Math: Practice Sheet 1-1
-Read for 20 minutes. Record it in your reading log.

Getting it from the board to their agendas took forty. five. minutes.

Yes, things always take a long time at the beginning of the year. But seriously y'all... I almost put a Dixon Ticonderoga through my eyeball. A rough sketch of this scene (and mind you, this is after going over both pieces of homework and opening our agendas to the right week.)

Boys and girls, your homework is written on the board. Please copy it down in the box that says Tuesday. That box says Monday, darling. Tuesday. What's your question? "What's my reading log?" It is the notebook we JUST labeled with the words READING LOG, remember when we did that? No sweetie, Tuesday. Not that Tuesday - see? The top of that page says October. We want AUGUST.

And Hubs wonders why I am snappy when I get home. I love my job, and don't get me wrong - being with kids all day is still vastly preferable to being in a cubicle all day - but holy hell do I forget every year how helpless they are in August.

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