Friday, July 8, 2011

Just a thought

I've been an avid Man Men fan since the show started. After 2 weeks in the house alone, in which my days are filled with cleaning, grocery shopping, and writing wedding present thank you notes, I can see EXACTLY why Betty Draper is as crazy as she is.

Seriously... how did the nonworking housewives of the past DO it?

On the upside, I went over yesterday to hang out with three of Hubs' fellow residents' wives. They are really such fun and lovely people and I'm hoping we'll hang out a lot. What I really needed to hear is that they are all as bored and lonely as I am! I'm naturally a pretty happy, social person, so I'm glad to know that it's normal to be a little moody and "down" being by myself all day every day.

I read a quote one time that says, "You are only what you are when no one is looking." If that's true... I'm a little nuts.

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